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International circus and theater duo

What we do

We transform gravity into art and bring breathtaking moments full of elegance and power to the stage.









About us

Since 2018 we - Louise & Daniel - form the artistic duo flexoncirc!

We conquer the hearts of spectators around the world with our juggling, slack rope and partner acrobatics performances and are constantly thinking up and implementing new acrobatic performances.

As circus educational trainers, we teach at circus and acrobatic events worldwide. We share our experience from the International Circus and Theater School CAU in Granada, where we spent two years learning about acrobatics, theater, dance, aerials and hand to hand acrobatic from the best teachers.

Our Partner

Our partners are the pillars of our success, with whose support we reach the highest heights of art and passion.

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The duo flexoncirc embodies pure harmony and joy of playing.


These two performances prove that the circus, the new circus, is a form of expression that combines the ordinary and the extraordinary, and that it is able to carry fundamental human themes while at the same time inspiring wonder and dreaming, that it is in the most physical, bodily moments that the uniqueness and creative power of man becomes most evident

When the sweet becomes a stage - That's street art!


Great acrobatics! Passionate and creative team, can only recommend, must have seen!"


Shows and Performances


  • September 2024:

  • July 2024:

  • June 2024:

  • May 2024:


  • October 2023:

  • Septemper 2023:

  • August 2023:

  • July 2023:

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  • Februrary 2023:

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  • November 2022: Darmstadt, Germany (Varieté Extra)

  • October 2022: Mamer, Luxemburg (Varieté des belles choses at Kinneksbond Theater)

  • September 2022: Bremen, Germany (Vegefest)

  • August 2022: Nyíregyháza, Hungary (Price for best Creation at Vidor Festival)

  • August 2022: Taliándörögd, Hungary (Valley of Arts)

  • June 2022: Budapest, Hungary (Freak Fusion: Restless Legs at Trafo House)

  • June 2022: Budapest, Hungary (Vircsaft Show at Golem Theater)

  • May 2022: Budapest, Hungary (Vircsaft Show at Golem Theater)

  • April 2022: Budapest, Hungary (Vircsaft Show at Golem Theater)

  • April 2022: Budapest, Hungary (Freak Fusion: Restless Legs at Trafo House)

  • Februar 2022: Budapest, Hungary (Vircsaft Show at Golem Theater)

  • January 2022: Budapest, Hungary (Vircsaft Show at Golem Theater)


  • December 2021: Budapest, Hungary (Vircsaft at Golem Theater)

  • December 2021: Budapest, Hungary (Vircsaft Premiere at Golem Theater)

  • July 2021: Veszprém, Hungary (Kabóciádé Family Festival)

  • June 2021: Budapest, Hungary (Unfold Untold Premiere at Bethlen Téri Theater)

  • June 2021: Kaposvár, Hungary (Unfold Untold Show at Csiky Gergely Theater)

  • February 2021: Budapest, Hungary (Freak Fusion: Restless Legs at Trafo House)


  • September 2020: Budapest, Hungary (Freak Fusion: Restless Legs at Trafo House)

  • April 2020: Mitzpe Ramon, Israel (Street Parade Performances)


  • Dezember 2019: Neustadt, Germany (New Years Gala at Theater Herford)

  • Dezember 2019: Munich, Germany (Performance at christmas market Märchenbazar)

  • Januar 2019: Granada, Spain (Performance at the Palácio de congresos)


  • December 2018: Granada, Spain (CAU Festival)

  • September 2018: Munich, Germany (Akademie Galerie)

  • March 2018: Morrocco, Germany, France (Perfromances with the international artistic exchange)


  • August 2017: Hamburg, Germany (NDR Sommertour)


Immerse yourself in our world full of magic and fascination and let yourself be enchanted by the unforgettable moments of our art.

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